Yes, there have been some frequently asked questions! Not just about me but about the crafting world in general.
What is a "Cricut"?
A Cricut is a personal cutting system from ProvoCraft, a brand which specializes in machines, materials, and accesories to make creativity easier for you. There are different cartridges for purchase that have different shapes or fonts on them in which you can cut. To learn more click here http://www.cricut.com/

How did you get into this hobby?
A lady at my work brought in some cards she made and I was just taken by them, me and my sister had always been creative and I had never even thought about card making, Immediatley I did my research. She gave me some extra tools and from there it's been a wonderful journey since. I got most of my information on the hobby watching youtube videos. LOL!

How much have you spent on this hobby?
Too much. So far... at LEAST $1200.

Is it cheaper to buy a card from Hallmark?
Sometimes, but would you rather have a flat card for the same price? Or a uniquely made card filled with love! :) < i'm lame.

thanks for visiting!
have a wonderful day! :)