It's impossible for me to put a set price on here, when every card is different so when you contact me about a card, and I get a basic idea of what you want, and how many you want, I can get the ballpark idea.

Card Requests : $5
(I also can meet to discuss and plan which is $10.00 for the trouble)
Premade Card: $5
Scrapbook Page $10-20
Album (5 pages back to back) $40-80
Album (10 pages back to back) (with photos) $75-100
Album with general pages you can add photos to: $50-100

if you are buying quantities usually I find out the general idea of what you want, make a sample (or samples) and show you, you pay for the sample made and then the additional charges for quantities.
either you can pay for the supplies, and then an hourly rate of $10-20
or pay for supplies, and then per card.

*Price in quantities cannot be predicted here, but when a sample is made and accepted I can give you a price.

If I am asked to make Quantities, I CANNOT make the cards until you agree with full written statement and signature to pay for the cards I agree to make for you, and a deposit of half of the amount.
Also I make samples for you to chose from and you still need to pay for those.
Accepted Forms of Paycheck: Check, with ID, Cash in person only.

I have many deals floating around the web here, check out some of my older posts or my facebook page to learn more about it!
thanks for visiting!
have a wonderful day! :)