Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so i havent had much time to make cards and work on my skill, because honestly with this stuff, you need all the practice you get. you really get better with time. my fave crafter. my pink stamper. crafted for 15 years.. and shes 36. crazy! so considering how i started this year. have faith in me!

im graduating on the 22nd of may. life is crazy right now and i have so much i want to do with handmadebyhaley and not enough time! i feel uninspired and without the time to do it.

have no fear! there will be so many posts coming back up this summer. i plan on documenting everything and scrapbooking and cardmaking and going to conventions.

also my friends have had their own little business too and i let them knwo some tips and tricks ive learned and have seen in other marketing classes i have taken so if you need any advice please feel free to contact me.

also i plan on selling my works at my towns farmers market. sounds super lame and as if i'm 5 years old but you know what, i don't even care. if i make money then who should care? and i could have some sweet as local treats when i want to replenish my nutrients.

theres so much coming up. cards scrapbooks i'll also be offering advertisement of other local business, heres one i have just consulted with. ladies if you need a makeup artist or a makeup consultant visit jessicaletona.com and you will look no further! i honestly 100 % no gimmick recommend her.
i will also offer small businesses like jessica service deals. she does my makeup i make her thank you cards for the customers. simple simple.

wow i feel so super stressed but so excited to get started. now i am VERY tired. and can barely see the screen.

have a wonderrful day and as always it was great to have you on my page! <3


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