Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well, business is booming so to speak, and I have orders, ORDERS can you believe it? This is awesome. A business card is in the works but for now I'm sending people way to my blog and so i figured I would post prices up here. I started making a few cards a night and bringing them to school and people would buy them almost before the bell rang, at $1 a peice it was a steal considering after some long figuring they cost me $4 of supplies a card roughly. And if someone requests and animal or theme I charged $2. But here is the Rundown.
First Card Free

Card Request: $5.00
Premade Card:$2.00
Pack  of 5 Requested: $20.00 you save $5
Pack of 10 requested: $30.00 you save $20
Scrapbook page: $10.00
Standard Scrapbook including pages to be filled in $30.00
Standard 12x12
Standard Scrapbook, all pages, with photos given to me to scrapbook- $45.00


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