Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Card Free!?

Yes. If you visit my website ( if you are reading this you can check it off the list! :P)
and comment on any post or click contact me with a message or text me if you have my number
you can have your first request card free.
i normally charge $5.00 USD for a card request!

please keep in mind i have spent $700+ on this hobby I am not trying to rob you of your money!
these are unique personalized cards and scrapbooks!
my rates are posted below!


premade card $2.00
card request $5.00
scrapbook page $10.00

scrapbook $30-45 (without and with photos)
pack of 5 cards: $20.
Pack of 10: $30.

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  1. hello haley! could you make me a 5 pack of the thank ewe cards?

    email me @



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