Saturday, April 2, 2011

Its all greek to me!?

Don't know much about scrapbooking stuff?

heres some terms you might be hearing..

CHA-  CHA stands for the Craft and Hobby Association. It is where all scrap and cardmaking manufacturers and businesses and such come together in one place, everyone has their own station or almost kiask and its like a job fair or market where people walk around and retailers look at manufacturers and choose what they want to start carrying etc.

Cricut, Cuttlebug, Babybug, Provocraft. (any insect sounding name..)
These are all from the manufacturer Provocraft, they are HUGEE! found at pretty much every craft store in the nation.
- The Cricut machine is a  cutting (and depending on the machine printing (patterns and colors like making your own cardstock) machine by PROVO CRAFT, there is a
Cricut personal (the one i have)- simple cutting abilities 6 1/2 by 11.
Cricut Create- a vamped up version of the cricut.
Cricut Imagine- Cut Larger surfaces 12x12 and 12xlonger. Print pattern and designs on plain cardstock!
Cricut Expression- Larger updated Cricut since cricut create and cricut personal.
Cricut Cake- Helps you decorate and design cupcakes and cakes.
okay so besides the cricut cake you can use most cricut cartridges on any of these.-
Gypsy-handheld organizer that looks like a psp and you can design and prepare projects for your also from provocraft is the cuttlebug
a personal embosser.
Slicer a die cut machine,

the cricut cartridges are different plug ins witth different shapes sayings designs phrases fonts and what not. there are a little over a hundred i think..
i have
create a critter
camp out
and the basic shapes and fonts that came with my cricut.

i plan on getting tons more!

I would take a few minutes and check out this website!

I learned all Iknow now from
mypinkstamper,com aka robynstamps on and watching most of her videos i learned most of what you need to know!

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